The new model in private investment partnerships


Family Offices vs. Oroco

  • Large salaries vs. profit from capital appreciation
  • Not hands on vs. active partners
  • Uninterested in expansion vs. long term growth

Holding Companies vs. Oroco

  • Not hands on vs. active partners
  • No focus vs hyper focused
  • No exit vs. multiple exit options

Private Equity vs. Oroco

  • Must invest capital vs. invest in the right deals at the right time.
  • Rigid structures vs. flexible structures
  • Charge substantial fees and expenses vs. no fees or expenses
  • Other peoples money in deals vs. invest our money with our investors
  • Must sell deal vs. choose the best pathway for the company
  • Manage for investor conferences vs. manage for the long term
  • Mediocrity is investment strategy vs. long term capital appreciation
  • Pledge funds have no capital vs. dedicated source of permanent capital