Acquisition of OPS Global – Leading Maritime Security Firm

By May 1, 2014 Oroco

London, England – Oroco Capital, LLC (“Oroco”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of a leading international security and risk management firm. OPS, based in London, England, is the leading commercial security company focused exclusively on maritime security services.

“We are excited to be partnering with the OPS management team and are pleased to welcome the company to the Oroco portfolio,” said Mitch Goldsteen, a Partner with Oroco. “They are an excellent fit with our investment strategy given their leading market positions, long-standing customer relationships and outstanding workforce. In today’s security maritime marketplace, the need for high-quality, reliable, safe and cost-effective solutions is growing, and OPS offers a full-range of services to meet this demand.”

OPS focuses its services on the security of vessels traveling primarily near the coasts of Africa. It has developed innovative ways of ensuring safe passage for vessels through areas with significant piracy and terrorism risk. What sets it apart is its unique blend of military, maritime and commercial experience. The Company has a proven profitable and scalable business model.

OPS is dedicated to helping today’s shipping industry balance its commercial imperatives with the growing risk of piracy and maritime terrorism. Its highly efficient model, along with its focus on quality, compliance and service has enabled it to emerge as one of the leaders in a growing industry.

The increase in global maritime piracy, particularly in the Western Indian Ocean, the Gulf of Aden and in the Gulf of Guinea, has developed into a serious threat to maritime shipping, demanding the attention of international organizations and states around the world. Combating this problem requires a significant amount of manpower, resources, and collaboration. Piracy distinguishes itself from many other international crimes in that it by definition occurs on the high seas, outside the jurisdiction of any state. However, piracy is considered a crime that falls under universal jurisdiction, meaning that any state has the right, but not the obligation, to prosecute pirates captured either by their own navy or by another state.